Landing Pages or Social Media Pressence to Full Sites

One page sites to informative multi-layered websites directing all your user's answers / needs. SEO is a huge part of any site creation or redesign, since you can really tackle big issues at the perfect time. From a smaller, but multiple paged, social media login, site for blogs, merchandise or just information about the company, to a larger site, dealing with many layers, with live active bars showing recent content, needing drupal, css3, html5, javascript:jQuery, MySql, or maybe just something simple.


Cryptocurrency Teaching & Consulting

Just learned a bit or heard some of the Bitcoin / Altcoin buzz? Now you want to use it with your company, or maybe learn about how it can help draw in more customers? Maybe you want your own coin, and aren't sure how to go about such. From Marketing, Advertising & Social media spreading, to Development & Concept.


Image, Audio & Video Editing / Logo Creations

From a simple logo, or size adjustment, to creating new content / adding video effects / streaming via social networks. Be it for an item, an altcoin, youtube SEO, a website or even a company logo, no project is too big or small. Any special effects for your youtube videos, maybe you wanted to make your own commercial, or in need of sounds for websites, videos or even coin wallets. Using either Adobe products or Gimp 2.0.


I have experience in:

  • Web Development

    ( Front-End Mainly with some Back-End experience )
  • Website Design
  • SEO / SEM / PPC
  • View Google Adwords Certification View Google Analytics Certification
  • Social Media Marketing / Optimization
  • Content CopyWriting / Creation
  • Php Application Development

  • logo
    Custom Portal
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    Test Site My CMS
    Clicky Game Number Game
  • Website Design ( Experienced and proficient with Adobe Creative Suite )
  • Website Administration
  • Mysql Database Setup & Usage
  • Setup & Usage of out of the box opensource software
  • Software I'm experienced with:

  • Drupal, Wordpress, Mura, Joomla, Moodle, Magento, Opencart
  • Frameworks
  • Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Foundation
  • Basic knowledge of SASS and LESS
  • Worked with Git, WINSCP, Jenkins, listserv, GitHub, BitBucket and Remedy
  • Game Server Setup
  • Game Server Administration & Customization
  • Graphic Editing & Design ( Photoshop Suite, Illustrator, Gimp, )
  • Video Editing & Design ( Adobe after effects, particle effects, Gimp, & Blender )
  • Audio Editing / Mastering & Developing / Creation ( Reason, Audacity, Cubase, Ableton )
  • Avid maker

  • My Current and Past Experience Is:

    - A brief & notable work history -

    • 2017 - Present

    • 2015 - 2017

    • 2014 - 2015

    • 2006 - Present

    • 2005 - 2006

    • 2002 - 2005

    • 1999 - 2002

    I Am Currently Learning:

      Self taught, through online tutorials, web guides and good ole fashion project based experience learning

    • Continuously learning Technical SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
    • Always refining my data gathering skills and analytics comparison models
    • Working on my Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certificate
    • Self Studying of Machine Learning / Algorithms
    • Android Application Development
    • Ever Enriching my PhP skills, whenever I find a good excuse
    • Further CMS plugin hacks to make one another play nice

    About Me


      Michael Williams | Aka:Deacyde

    • Father of 3
    • Air Force Veteran | Honorably Discharged
    • Had a " Secret " security clearance for 4 years active. ( 6 years inactive )
    • Cryptocurrency Developer / Founder of
    • Opensource enthuist & Linux / Windows / Mac / Android User
    • Problem solver and learner of new things
    • Studying for a JackofAll Tech Degree, from Self Taught Online University

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    My Address

    Michael Williams : Deacyde
    Westminster, Md 21157
    P: (443)929 4098
    Michael Williams : Deacyde
    Westminster, Md 21157
    P: (443)929 4098

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