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Altcoins are basically just like bitcoin, but normally have different features or use different algorithms to operate by. Litecoin was the 1st, followed by Namecoin ( which was the 1st altcoin to use websites built on it’s blockchain ) but isn’t updated as much lately.

There is now popular ones like Dogecoin who’s mascot is The Shiba Inu which is a Japanese breed of dog, popularized with the memes.  Now altcoins are picking up speed in how they are made and what they are made for, like NXT and ETHEREUM which use ” smart contracts ” as a new way of conducting business digitally as well as transparently. However there are still human issues needing worked out, such as developer quarrels and scam / theft issues as well.


We’re a site dedicated to showing the world that altcoins are going to change the way we live and spend money. We’ll be able to connect our currency to the internet of things ( IoTs ) and do things like create a universal basic income, allow for people to store their medical records.

Where the future will take the blockchain concept and cryptocurrency is really up to the public and how they adopt the technology, already wall street and other companies have shown a lot of interest and it’s really a platform for the future.


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Welcome, this is more an example of wordpress skills but will also use my knowledge of cryptocurrency and altcoins to help make the content a little more interesting than latin jibberish.   As always, if you really want to learn about altcoins or cryptocurrency visit Altcurrencyhelp.com  .


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